Delve into our past

THE KITCHEN., formerly Moodies Catering, has been catering for the private and corporate market for nearly 40 years. We are so very proud of the reputation we have built over the years, and we are extremely excited about the future…. But have a read, the history can’t be ignored! 

We have just rebranded to THE KITCHEN., pushing forward with a more modern take and forward thinking approach. We strive to continue to give our clients the very best service, a couple of our focus points being to reduce food travel and wastage. This ultimately means sourcing the very freshest and most local ingredients. This in turn means supporting our local businesses! 

We also welcome our new members of the team, both hugely experienced. Firstly our executive chef Matt, and also our new catering client manager and head events manager, Katie. These experienced individuals joining the team means you can expect to be be given the very best service. 

Our success and longevity lies in our flexible catering service and our attention to detail. We are passionate and extremely proud of our very personal and high-quality service, which we have provided time and time again. 

Do have a look through our history and previous menus, and please do get in touch to discuss anything or ask any questions. 

Our History Timeline

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    Moodies rebrand to THE KITCHEN. We continue to look after our clients with the very best service.

    Our focus now is to build on our already superb reputation and service, and look at every way we can to improve. Part of this is bringing on an experienced executive chef and a highly experienced operations manager and head events manager.

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    An unforgettable year (or so) for the world. It certainly made us think outside the box, but we made it through, and furthermore had a very successful 2021, with even Henley Royal Regatta going ahead with 1,000 guests. The hospitality industry was back up and running, and we hope for good. 

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    Moodies Ltd is acquired by One Six Events Ltd. All marquee and events equipment now sits under One Six Events, whilst Everything Catering became Moodies Catering - this included keeping the same excellent team and adding to it. Both operate from the same premises, so for the many couples who use us for both services, it ensures nothing is overlooked, as ever. 

    Working under one roof ensures that we know we have the appropriate people focusing on the right areas of the business.

    It is also essential to us that we build strong working relationships with others in the industry, meaning the companies do often work independently of one another. 

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    Moodies continue to work with private clients for their wedding and parties providing them with a seamless service and looking after both their catering and marquee needs.

    The numbers pass 1,500 for Henley Royal Regatta as the enclosure grows. 

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    The novelty of double decker buses declined and we slowly disposed of the fleet over a number of years and replaced them with metal frame (clear span) marquees.

    At the same time the business was providing hospitality for more and more weddings and parties using our superb in-house chefs and 9m and 12m clear span marquees.

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    We obtain a contract to provide Henley Royal Regatta with an enclosure on the towpath, where we provide both the marquee and the catering using our in-house teams. 

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    The double decker bus fleet has grown to 7.

    We also buy our first marquee. This was a German designed frame tent using aluminium extensively which since then have been commonplace as opposed to the traditional design of timber and canvas.

    Moodies have their own Grandstand and enclosure at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix.

    Over the next few years contracts are signed with companies including Unilever, Esso, Lucas CAV, New Zealand Apple Board, Honda & Hitachi, Seiko watches and mobile phone companies.


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    Moodies convert their fourth bus and attend all the major agricultural shows on behalf of Railfreight.

    This same year, the four buses work at all home Rugby internationals at Twickenham and continue to do so for next 8 years.

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    An exciting step for Moodies, the first Grand prix for team Lotus with Ayrton Senna and Elio De Angelis touring all the European Grand Prix circuits & providing food and drink for sponsors guests. A third bus is converted to cope with demand.

    The three buses followed the Grand Prix circuit around Europe with the buses providing corporate enclosures for a host of companies around the world.

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    Moodies gets the contract with Ladbrokes and tours the country promoting the first ever scratch card lottery with tv celebrities on board.

    We catered our first wedding in West Sussex, in a 12m clear span marquee. 

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    Moodies is incorporated.

    A second, larger double decker bus is added to the fleet. Wrap around awnings are made for both buses enabling room for 150 guests per bus. We change our bus livery to white with a green and red stripe.

    Attended many top several sporting events where we provided hospitality to sponsors’ guests including Goodwood, Royal Ascot, The Derby, the Ebor at York and many many point to points and motor racing circuits.

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    An Ex-London transport double decker bus was purchased and converted into a hospitality suite, with a 24 seat restaurant upstairs and bar, kitchen downstairs and a built in cloakroom. 

    August 1977, the first ever outing for the newly converted bus at the Silverstone Motorcycle Grand Prix for Kawasaki.

    December of 1977, Moodies work at the Varsity match at Twickenham.