Every couple has their very own dream wedding reception planned out. In fact, many couples prefer hosting a BBQ wedding reception compared to traditional wedding styles. For ages, a traditional wedding has always been a buffet, a three-course meal, and a sit-down style meal. However, with different trends emerging, couples are embracing the BBQ wedding reception and are incorporating it in their weddings.

Imagine having food cooked right in front of your guests on your big day..?

Let your guests experience a whole different style of cooking. We can help you achieve this by ensuring the BBQ goes well and is planned to perfection. By using Moodies for your BBQ wedding reception, you do not have to worry about setting up and even cleaning up. We will come to your venue and do what we love most then later-on clean and leave quietly. We enjoy hosting a BBQ wedding reception greatly!

BBQ wedding reception

The BBQ wedding reception isn’t just about the meat. It is both really fun and very engaging. It is a great way to have your guests interacting as they celebrate your union with you. Truth is, hosting a BBQ for your wedding may help you stay in your budget range and have your guests experience a new kind of wedding reception. Therefore, if you are thinking BBQ, think Moodies!