Alcohol Tips


This is more aimed towards the weddings, but the most popular is to provide enough alcohol for the reception, wedding breakfast toasts, and evening. We can supply chiller trailers to keep everything chilled, or we will put everything on ice so it is ready for your arrival whilst preparing the bar. We ask everything is with us before the day, and we will look after it all. We will supply bar staff to serve the drinks and we do not charge corkage. 

Sometimes our clients supply drinks for the reception and wedding breakfast, but use a separate supplier for the evening bar. Moodies can also provide the bar for this, together with all alcohol and soft drinks. We will create a drinks list for you and have a cash bar, or organise a pre-paid amount with you. 

An alternative is to arrange a full drinks package with your caterer including reception drinks, table drinks, toast and evening drinks. You can be completely relaxed, secure in the knowledge that it is all taken care of for you.


Probably around half a bottle of champagne or prosecco (three glasses) per person, but if your reception is going to be a short one, say one hour, two glasses should be enough.

If you are looking to serve long drinks (gin and tonics, vodka and coke etc) as your reception drinks, again, probably two glasses for a short reception and three otherwise. 

You might plan on having beer, ales or cider during the reception also, in which case the above will slightly dilute as some guests will opt to have a beer after their champagne. 

Table drinks

Probably half a bottle of both red and white per person should be fine. Of course, this does depend on your meal choice, the time of year and timing of your event, and on your guests. Indoors in winter, and red will probably be more popular. A marquee or garden wedding in summer, and chilled white will be the preferred choice. In general, it’s probably best to assume an even split.

For the Toast

You should work on the basis that one bottle provides six glasses, and give each guest one glass (of champagne).

Evening Drinks

If you are organising your evening drinks through a supplier, for example having a horsebox bar or similar outside of the marquee or venue, then they will advise you. If you are holding the bar in a venue, again, they will advise accordingly, as they will have certain rules and terms and conditions. If we are catering at your chosen venue, we may have worked there before and know how they work. If not, do ask us any questions you might want to know regardless. We’d love to speak. 

If you are looking for your bar to be in your marquee, tipi or stretch tent, we can supply both the bars and the drink. Ultimately, you don’t want people to go thirsty, and you want them to have a fantastic day with you! If you would like us to supply drink for your evening bar whether cash or not, we will create a drinks list with you for the bar. We would recommend this is a mixture of your favorite drinks, as it is your day after all, maybe even a signature cocktail or two? Then we would also suggest having a few of the popular options such as gin and tonics, vodka and mixers, beers, ales and possibly wine not drunk from the wedding breakfast.