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A Checklist for Planning a Corporate Event

The events industry has been impacted by 19 shutdowns and restrictions, and current conferences and business meetings may differ from those held previous to 2020. As the needs of event participants change, this adaptive company provides virtual or hybrid models.

Event planning and delivery are more flexible with hybrid formats (online streaming or in-person). As the demand for hybrid and virtual events grows, the time has come to innovate and improve engagement.

Read on to discover this checklist to help you plan your next corporate event.

Getting Started

The first thing you must know is that planning a corporate event must be done at least eight months before your event. Although, you can always start much earlier with at least twelve months or a year of planning. This is the stage where you will produce ideas and lay the groundwork. 

Early planning is required to reserve the venue and vendors for in-person events. Prioritise the in-person components of your corporate event before planning the hybrid portion. Don’t put off planning the streaming and ticketing technologies for your hybrid event until the last minute. Your hybrid event checklist should cover both sides.

Step One: Establish objectives

Jot down your event’s purpose. Determine how many people you want to invite to your event, as well as your projects (and projected income, if any). You may also sell entrance tickets. As you plan, you must also look into locking in a location.

Step Two: Create a Realistic Budget

Use past data as a baseline, and speculate wisely. Sticking to a budget may be critical for your business.

Step Three: Conceptualise the Theme

Consider forms that are geared to achieving specific goals, so take your objectives into consideration. You must choose the best framework for the corporate function.

Select a theme that will appeal to the attendees of your conference or corporate event. All planning decisions are influenced by the subject. Your company’s brand is defined by the proper theme.

Step Four: Choose a Location, a Venue, and Suppliers

Choosing a location, a venue, and your suppliers are based on where your event will be held, the number of attendees, the materials and equipment needed, as well as the trusted suppliers that will be available for your event. Beyond this, you must find a way to provide social safety, enough room, and an Internet connection. 

Step Five: Target a Date

Choose an ideal or target date, a backup date, and a third date just in case.

Step Six: Secure Speakers or Hosts 

Find all appropriate speakers for similar workplace events. Find the perfect speaker or host from your pool of favourite presenters, and then contact them. As you discuss with each viable host, determine your value offer. The better (or more popular) your host, the better the event will be for your guests.

Step Seven: Search for Sponsors

Determine your activations and find the perfect sponsors that can make these happen for you. List your pool of possible sponsors and get in touch with them. 

It might also be helpful to find out who has sponsored comparable events, luncheons, and banquets in the past. This way, you can offer different sponsorship packages.

Step Eight: Track Your Finances

Now, you can choose between a registration process or a ticketing system (or both). Set the costs for VIP, early bird, and beginning tickets.

Moreover, this will also be the stage wherein you can complete sponsorships and donations.

Step Nine: Activate Your Event Platform

Update or establish a webpage if the event is recurrent, and see if it can handle a high volume of visitors. Make your website mobile-friendly.

Gear Up for Your Next Event

We all know how daunting it can be to plan events after a long hiatus of gatherings worldwide. With limited sources and a firm budget, you may want to secure all your suppliers early to make sure you don’t cram the event. Simply keep this checklist in mind and go through the steps carefully.

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