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Creative Food Station Ideas to Add to Your Corporate Events

If you want to make your event special and the attendees enjoy your business event, setting up a food station for your events catering is a terrific idea. 

Food stations are unquestionably ideal if your venue has a little floor space or if you want to show off a more varied catering menu to your visitors. 

Food stations and buffet tables are comparable, although the former takes up less room at the venue and is more compact. Using food stations, you may showcase food products and memorable meals in various ways. The good news is that you can design delectable food stations on a shoestring budget.

Here are some unique food stations you might want to include at your upcoming office party or business event.

Appetisers at the Antipasto Station

Prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, artichokes, and exquisite cheeses like gouda, manchego, and blue cheese are some of the best Italian appetisers to add to this station. Don’t forget to include some fruits and nuts in the mixture.

Delectable Rolls at the Sushi Station

Sushi rolls come in various varieties, and you may put them on multi-level platters. Additionally, you may employ two or three sushi chefs who can prepare personalised sushi rolls for your visitors. 

Dragon roll, Philadelphia roll, veggie roll, tempura roll, and California roll are just a few examples of popular sushi rolls that you may add to your sushi station.

Fresh Vegetable Shooters Station

This is unquestionably something you need to add to your corporate catering menu if you want something tasty, nutritious, and fresh for your upcoming corporate event. 

You may serve a variety of vegetable combinations in tiny serving shot glasses with dips at this kind of food station. Your visitors will be able to eat while mingling with other participants on the floor if you serve food in easy-to-carry shooters.

Fun Taco Bars

By setting up a taco-making food station, you may increase the enjoyment of the dining experience at your business event. This is perfect for semi-formal or informal gatherings and doesn’t call for formal wear from your visitors. Make sure your visitors wear clothes they don’t mind getting soiled and ruined because cooking tacos is a messy process.

A Filling Tapas Station

A tapas food station will undoubtedly contribute to making your small corporate event pleasant and calming for your visitors if you want it to seem more relaxed than usual. Include non-alcoholic drinks like Sangria while setting up a tapas food station. 

Olives, prawns, chorizo, cheeses, and empanadas are just a few of the tapas bar essentials you’ll need for your workplace tapas food station.

The All-Time Favorite Pizza Station

You might want to offer extra expensive pizza at your next company event if you and your coworkers haven’t eaten pizza at the office in a while. Pizza is also fantastic during formal gatherings. Even though they have a casual appearance, you may dress them with elegant toppings like luscious cured meats and exquisite cheeses.

A Whimsical Donut Wall

Food stations with doughnut walls give a quirky design that may liven up your event or workplace. You may choose a wide variety of doughnut flavours and colours to make the area more eye-catching.

A Creative Food Art Dessert Station

This food station is undoubtedly entertaining and engaging to present. You may offer them a variety of traditional desserts. Without restrictions, they are free to mix and match to create their own dessert dish. You may even hire certain chefs to make beautiful culinary works of art.

Add Fun, Culture, and Flavor to Your Event Catering

You can be sure your guests will enjoy the delicious buffet you have meticulously prepared for them. When you match these delectable food stations with networking and educational opportunities, your guests will have a fun time.

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