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How Bar Services Can Help Make Your Event Memorable

Meeting new people at events might lead to new friendships or fruitful economic connections in this networking age.

What factors do most people consider important in determining whether or not an event is a success? Most people are more worried about the people than the food or the design (though both are important).

Have they met someone new that can improve their lives or businesses? 

That kind of thing will stick with them and make them want to come back (and do business with you!).

While everyone understands the advantages of meeting and engaging with new people, many people find it difficult to mingle.

Even though you have little control over this, I’ve seen many skilled planners and caterers set up the venue to make contact with others much easier.

The bar could be a fantastic tool for you because it is a pleasant, easy atmosphere to meet and connect with individuals. If your bars are well-located and there is space to meet and greet without creating a traffic bottleneck, the bar area will be where guests will most socialise.

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The Advantages of a Networking Event with an Open Bar

Make a Plan to Get a Group of People

Your event is unlikely to be the only one to which your target demographic gets invited. As a result, you’ll have to provide folks with a reason to visit your place. 

Believe it or not, many people rank an open bar towards the top of their priority list (alongside relative speakers). 

Why? When it comes to attending events, people don’t like to pay more than they have to. As a result, having an open bar boosts the chances of drawing more people.

Interaction between People Should Be Encouraged

People are more likely to get up and move around at an open bar. Alcohol also loosens people, making networking much simpler, especially for timid or hesitant people.

Make Your Event More Valuable

A networking event with an open bar can help make the occasion pleasurable. Most people can recall a time when they were treated with kindness. If you attempt to please, you’ll be remembered, and your next event will be spoken about.

To improve guest flow, a purpose-built bar is placed in the most convenient location as determined by design. But, if you can set up a portable bar, how can you assist people in connecting and bumping into one another?

Allow for the Visibility of the Bar

They should be able to see the bar as soon as they enter the premises.

Guests should be able to see the main point of entry and destination. Visitors can make new friends or kill time while getting their bearings at the bar, where the mixing begins.

When entering a long room, most people look to the right, then to the end, and then to the left. Setting the bar to the right will quickly draw the attention of your guests.

Attractions for Visitors

If the bar is too close to the entrance, there will be an immediate bottleneck. It should be at least one-third of the way across to entice guests in without having them walk the entire length of the area.

Providing freshly cooked appetisers at regular intervals is one inventive technique I’ve seen to lure customers to the bar. This is especially useful when there will be a long buffet line because it entertains those impatiently waiting for the line to clear.

When the beverages are expensive, and guests don’t come up often, appetisers are especially helpful because they encourage them to stay longer. 

At any social gathering, the bar is a terrific focus point (including a wedding bar service in Surrey). Make it easy to discover, not too empty or congested, and enjoyable to be around, and your guests will take advantage of the opportunity to mingle.

Guests Will Be More Comfortable 

Because temporary or portable bars are frequently smaller, customers must be able to get their drink and then proceed to a public spot to converse. Avoid cramming the room with lounge chairs; everyone will be seated at eye level, surrounded by a sea of legs. Install cocktail tables near the main service area to pull customers away from the seats and couches.

When Using Multiple Bars

Additional or temporary bar points are appropriate for specific occasions. Bar service is usually estimated by the square foot for major events in large venues, and it’s not uncommon to have up to a dozen bars in one vast ballroom.

Their purpose dictates where these extra ones go. If the auxiliary bars are intended to help with the rush and offer the same drinks as the main bar, rotate their placement on the left and right sides of the room to avoid a bottleneck.

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