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A Guide: Making Catering for Your Corporate Event a Success

When planning a corporate event, you not only have to think about the sound system, the program flow or the number of attendees. You also have to look for the right company offering corporate catering. The catering company you choose should serve high-quality and delicious food options. 

And when you do find a reputable catering company, the next step is how to make the event a success in the corporate catering aspect. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Add Stations for Interaction

Buffet-style catering is a tried-and-tested approach, but what if you can take food service up a notch? Make it more exciting by adding stations for interaction.

Why not add interactive stations or stands where guests can watch the chef prepare their food? They can also mingle with other guests as they wait for the food to be served. 

Incorporating a chef demonstration in an event can be also an interesting addition. This can be an awesome conversation-starter, especially since corporate events can be bland for some attendees. 

2. Tastings before the Event

Of course, you wouldn’t want to serve food you haven’t tried yet yourself. Ensure that the food is tasty, hygienic and wow-worthy by scheduling food tasting sessions a few weeks before the corporate event. 

Food tastings allow you to determine which options would satisfy the employees’ or guests’ tastes. When attending a food tasting event, see to it that you’re choosing not only for your preferences, but for the majority of people attending the event. 

As a rule of thumb, select entrees, appetisers and desserts that are surefire crowd-pleasers. Avoid anything that may be too exotic for other people’s palates. 

3. Dietary Requirements

Before settling on a set of dishes, ensure that all dietary requirements can be met. Attendees are composed of all sorts of people. Some are allergic to nuts, some don’t want to drink alcohol and some may need to avoid anything with too much sugar. Take note of all of these requirements and restrictions when deciding on the menu. 

Giving healthier options is becoming increasingly important as people become more health-conscious. Also ask if they have gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options.

To create an inclusive menu, you can serve sweet desserts, but also have healthier options like fresh fruits. You can also make the menu balanced by serving a variety of proteins, such as meat, fish and tofu. This way, everyone will be catered for. 

The Best Catering for Your Corporate Event

Corporate events shouldn’t be bland and boring, especially with the food you serve. Take all these pointers in mind when deciding what to serve and how to serve food. Like in any other event, attendees are quite particular with their food. If you want your event to be a memorable and successful one, prioritise your corporate catering and satisfy their requirements for great food.

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