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5 Essential Things to Tick Off in a Spring Wedding Checklist

Spring weddings are one of the most critical events in a year. Although it is rewarding to have it outdoors, planning for the perfect bridal party during the season is also a challenging feat to fulfil. Therefore, wedding planners need to secure a few essential things a spring wedding will need. But what are they?

1. Menu

The menu must reflect the season and the location of the wedding. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the typical spring menu. You can always add a twist to the menu by incorporating spring-oriented ingredients. There are several options for spring menus, and you’ll be surprised to see how creative bridal planners can be when it comes to planning a menu.

With the wedding season being in the warmer seasons, guests need to be made aware of the menu’s contents. There should be something to satiate everyone’s taste buds. If you are planning a buffet-style wedding, it’s a great idea to have some familiar and popular flavours and a few new dishes to try.

2. Venue Decorations

When planning for a spring wedding, there’s no need to hire expensive gardeners when planning for a spring wedding. There are many simple things you can do to bring in some nature and plant life to the venue. Flowers, plants and green plants are some of the most popular decors for spring weddings. The venue decoration should be more elaborate than in other seasons. The sun is out in full force, and it’s the perfect time to let your creativity run wild.

3. Chosen Colour Scheme

Choosing a colour scheme for a spring wedding is relatively easy. However, most wedding planners recommend that you plan a colour scheme that’s unique to your wedding and will last the distance. The combination of colours you choose for your wedding will depend on your venue and where the reception will be held. A rose and peach colour scheme is trendy for spring weddings.

4. Wedding Flowers

Planning for wedding flowers is essential. There is usually a maximum budget for flowers, so if you have your heart set on something specific, you may have to compromise. Petals are one of the most important things at your spring wedding. If you have flowers where the wedding is to take place, it will add a personal touch to your wedding.

5. Photo Backdrop

Having a unique photo backdrop is a great idea for a spring wedding. Usually, the scenes are reminiscent of the garden, the park, or simply the outdoors, but options for a more contemporary photo backdrop are also. There are many options for photo backdrops, such as colours, patterns, themes, etc., all depending on the style of your wedding, the location and the season.


Spring weddings are a great way to showcase the season, with all its charm and vibrancy. However, planning for such an event is not as easy as planning for an autumn or winter wedding. Spring is full of surprises, so it’s essential to have a lot of things ready to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

Spring wedding planning can be challenging. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it all yourself. Whether you have a small budget or a larger wedding, there is always a way to make the most of it. Focusing on the right things will help you create a memorable experience for all your guests.

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